National Federation of the Blind of Northwest Arkansas

Today’s date is Tuesday, December 11th 2018.

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NFB of NWA Officers

Below you will find a summary of our current officers.

Board of Directors

The NFB of NWA Board consists of six officer positions. These positions are as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two Board Members. The officers are elected each year in January for a one-year term. The President, Vice President and a majority of the officers must be legally blind. The board of directors will assist in the implementation of the programs and policies established by the membership. The board will have charge of the affairs of the organization between meetings and make recommendations to the chapter. The board will meets once a month, or at the call of the president. See our current officers listed below.

Officer Positions and Duties

The President

The President’s duties are to preside over all chapter meetings and the Board of Directors, appoint all committees, and implement all programs and policies established by all chapter members.

The Vice President

The Vice President’s duties are to perform all of the duties normally carried out by the President when he/she is unable to perform them and to assist the President in specific assignments.

The Secretary

The Secretary’s duties are to keep accurate records detailing the business/topics covered in all chapter meetings and Board of Directors’ meetings, and to provide such information as he/she may have to the officers and members as requested by the President.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer’s duties are to collect all money due to the Chapter and pay all bills owed by the Chapter at the direction of the President or the Board of Directors. The Treasurer is required to make monthly and annual reports of receipts and expenditures incurred by the chapter and to perform all other duties assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.

The Board Members

The two Board Members’ duties are to attend the Board of Directors’ and chapter meetings and assist with any proceedings taking place during those meetings.

Current Board Members

  1. President: Terry Sheeler

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